How to become market participant at BiomassPool

It is easy to be set up as a market participant (buyer or seller) at BiomassPool, and there is no subscription or annual fee to be paid. It is possible to be established as a market participant in 1-2 days.

In order to be established as a market participant for trading at BiomassPool, the following application process must be meet:

Application process:

1) You find the application form for buyers and sellers as well as the form regarding certification standards on the site under "Documents." You can also request the application form by sending an email or call us at tel. 2966 3779. The application form must be completed and signed

2) Suppliers/sellers must also complete and sign the form regarding certification standards or Alternative Documentation (Excel Sheet)

3)    The application form (and for suppliers also the form concerning certification standards or Alternative documentation) as well copy of valid passport For the person applying for the BiomassPool application on behalf of the company, it must be scanned and sent to:

BiomassPool assesses the application:

In order to ensure that market participants can meet their obligations as they participate at the energy exchange, BiomassPool makes an assessment of each applicant. If we need further information, we will contact you.

BiomassPool and the market participant enter into a market participant agreement

Following the above assessment and approval, the market participant agreement will be issued in 2 copies of BiomassPool and send directly to the market participant for signing.

The market participant must then sign and return one copy to BiomassPool. Subsequently, login (username and password) is issued and the market participant has now been created and can trade at BiomassPool

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